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Before the Hindi remake of the 1973 film ‘Zanjeer’ hits the screens, the first look of the Telugu remake is out. Titled ‘Toofan’, the film stars Priyanka Chopra and Ram Charan Teja in leading roles.

With Toofan, Priyanka Chopra makes her debut in Telugu cinema. The leading stars in the Telugu remake, Ramcharan and Priyanka, will also in the Hindi version. Sanjay Dutt will be seen as Sher Khan in the Hindi version, while Srihari is donning the same role for Toofan.

CF-Toofan-Priyanka (1)CF-Toofan-Priyanka (2)CF-Toofan-Priyanka (3)

CF-Toofan-Priyanka (4)CF-Toofan-Priyanka (5)CF-Toofan-Priyanka (6)

CF-Toofan-Priyanka (7)CF-Toofan-Priyanka (8)CF-Toofan-Priyanka (9)

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