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Tamanna Flaunting Her Luscious Navel

Posted by Eternity July - 16 - 2008 29 Comments

South actress Tamanna Bhatia, the heartthrob of Telugu audiences came to lime light with the success of Happy Days. Tamanna’s navel is some thing which is not always talked about because she has some other best features like her eyes and her smile. Tamanna has best shaped tummy and deep navels. Tamanna doesn’t have pot belly like some other fat actresses.





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29 Responses so far.

  1. ss says:

    tamanna ,nee boddu nu naki ,nee legs no vedadesi ninnu panda betti dengi nee notlu na modda betti neku chekipista.
    enni salla dengane ninnu nee goddalo na modda .neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  2. raj says:

    your bathroom videos are so sexy. konchem clear ga chupisthe bagundu kadha

  3. psv krishna says:

    tamanna nee boddlo paalu posi taaguta ne boddu chuttoo unna kovvuni koriki dengi dengi dengutanenee potta paala vale tellagaanunnadi

  4. harekrishna says:

    my dear sister

    why not people women as sister,mother. i salut the people those hard work to
    this india for fight to english people as gandhi,subhash chandra bos. swami

    some time i pray to lord give this people in back…i will do kranti to
    create strong india. do not make women as lust as sex. see the soul.

    give the blessing to success to others….

    tamana u should not expose ur self as mudhas. life is not only money but
    try to understand ur self reletion ship with krishna.

    om namah shi vay

  5. karthik says:

    ni puku kakutha

  6. anil says:

    orey hare krishna tamanna enina ne akka chelli a ra ma ishtam ante matladutam ANTAM ra…. Em pekutav Ra ne yabba Ma Ishtam vachchunattu Dani To Anukuntam Dani Ah..aH…… chesukuntam nuvvevadivi ra madyalooooo,musukoni dengey Be!

  7. sindu(bir) says:

    tamanna your cute and sweet action is super. your action is so super acting with surya. i am surya’s good fan

  8. sumathi says:

    very nice girl

  9. Krish says:

    Hai Thamannah, you looking so beautiful and i like ur smile so much.really u r the best. in Ayan film ur is superb.. keep it up..

  10. Danny says:

    I just love your creamy waist and deep navel and also your lickable lips.

  11. durga says:

    tamana nee boodu chustunte naa modda lestondi

  12. Tim says:

    ur white ass must be tasty..

  13. adriantasty says:

    i want to taste ur navel..

  14. Gawtham says:

    Hai tamana wat a sexy lady u r.. I want u.. I want to taste you daily..

  15. puantony says:

    please block this comments

  16. naveen kumar says:

    dear tamana i like your sarees wallpaper you r looking gorgeuos.

  17. Ankush says:

    i love u

  18. ravi says:

    Tamanna nee boddlo honny posinakutunte nee lipsnee kiss. Chese

  19. Sanjay says:

    Tamanna I want to Marry & live alone whole life.

  20. harshaa says:

    nee boddu ni kiss cheyalani vundi

  21. Rama says:

    Oh… Wat a $exy body… I want to kiss, sqeeze ur n@vel…

  22. Cherry says:

    I love u

  23. Praveen says:

    Superb.. Tamanna..

  24. Praveen says:

    Chala chala bavunnave..(i dont know telugu if der any misteke sorry)

  25. Tamanna ,i will not comment anything about your body ,because I am not a hugry dog!!I hait the deadly sin’lust’.so please dont match me with other dirty people .I am Aditya……a doctor by profession hailing from an aristocratic family .my father was an I .A .S officer.I grown up as a lion ,true to my word.I am not in the stallion of goats,i am a man among men ,tiger among tigers.i am 6’3′ tall,fair,handsome with an athletic body .i know to respect women ,you’re blooming flower ‘god bless you &save you from all evils.when I had seen you on the web ,u reedemed my heart &soul .i am in love with ‘u’ .I propose you to be my love for ever &we shall talk of marrage if you want .my age is 28.i am eager to meet you.uou can contact me on my cell ,my no:8812987327 . There ‘ll be many ,craving for ‘u’ but dont stumble ,be bold. I can frankly utter hindi,english ,bengali&assamese. Our socity’s infested with dirty worms of ditch .my priority is emergency.so reply me urgently.love ‘u’ T amanna .love aditya…..

    • Sidhu says:

      Ha ha the best ever joke i had heard in my joke !!! Don’t be silly …. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha . Being a doctor who could u marry a girl who shows up everything for paper currency . GOD BLESS ! U’ll get a far more better girl than her