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RA. One Movie Character Sketches

Posted by Eternity September - 24 - 2011 0 Comment

G.ONE (The Good One)
G.one stands for the ‘Good one’. He is made of electricity and is programmed to protect. He is infused with powers to fly, speak different languages and control probability amongst other things. G.One’s powers are centered in his HART. (Hertz Amplifying Resonance Transmitter) What makes G.one endearing is his bond with the kid – Prateek. He is not just another super hero with weapons and metal parts… He is a superhero with a H. A. R. T.

Prateek is A – bad ass whiz kid, and an ace video game player. He is in the school rock band and plays for the school football team, and loves to skateboard, but video games is his first love and he is capable of playing even the most difficult games with ease. Prateek belongs to the ‘bad is cool’ set of kids. He loves villains and feels that heroes are boring and predictable. Just Like any other teenage kid, Prateek doesn’t get along with his nerdy father and is embarrassed by his loud Punjabi mother, so he mostly hangs out with his friends and his video games.

Shekhar is a South Indian game designer, who still hasn’t come up with a single successful video game. Shekhar is a fun loving guy, who loves his family but spends most of his time in his game design lab rather than with his family the only problem in his life is his estranged relationship with his son, Prateek. A relationship which he tries to better but usually ends up making it worst. Shekhar’s main aim in life is to win back the love of his son, for which he is ready to try every trick in the book. A foodie at heart, he has some really weird eating habits. Apart from food Shekhar also loves quoting great philosophers and revolutionaries, while at the same time adding his own modern day twist to it.

Sonia is a beautiful punjabi woman, full of life and zest. She is ready to face any obstacles that come her way, except modern technology. Sonia is technologically challenged and she literally runs away from technology. A feminist by nature, Sonia aims to pen down a book on male centric abuses. Amongst the family of three – Sonia often finds herself acting as an adhesive between her geeky husband Shekhar and her cool son Prateek, who are constantly fighting. Sonia is hopeful that one day this father- son duo will finally bond.

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