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Punjabi-speaking Namitha is another actress in the long list of heroines who made it in Telugu and Tamil movies. She is a Taurean, stands six foot (5’9) tall and weighs about 92 kilos (200 pounds).

Enjoy Namitha’s Leggy stills in see-thru short dress from tamil movie ‘Thee’

cf_namitha_thee_stills.jpg cf_namitha_thee_stills-2.jpg cf_namitha_thee_stills-3.jpg cf_namitha_thee_stills-4.jpg

cf_namitha_thee_stills-5.jpg cf_namitha_thee_stills-6.jpg cf_namitha_thee_stills-7.jpg cf_namitha_thee_stills-8.jpg

cf_namitha_thee_stills-9.jpg cf_namitha_thee_stills-10.jpg


cf_namitha_thee_stills-14.jpg cf_namitha_thee_stills-12.jpg cf_namitha_thee_stills-13.jpg cf_namitha_thee_stills-11.jpg


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11 Responses so far.

  1. Anil says:

    How can I get the DVD ‘THEE’. I am dying to see Namitha. Please help me.I need to know the online store for the DVD.

  2. firostj says:


  3. xyz says:

    man, she is not punjabi speaking she is gujrati.

  4. m.zafar says:


  5. nanda says:

    very sexy

  6. masala says:

    very hot

  7. Rakeeb says:

    I want to f*ck Namitha

  8. nagarjun says:

    hi…..hot maga hot

  9. gurinder says:

    i love namita

  10. gurinder says:

    i love namita please cal me