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Movie Review : PK is a total PJ !

Posted by Eternity December - 21 - 2014 0 Comment

PK-Review (2)

Aamir Khan failed to copy Rowan Atkinson (Mr Bean). The name PK makes no sense. He got it because, looking at him, people would ask, “PK hai kya,” or “PK ho kya,” which isn’t even grammatically correct. I think they meant to ask, “PK aaye ho kya?”

Sanjay Dutt has never been so badly miscast. Anushka’s romance with Sushant Singh Rajput and their subsequent break-up is the most amateurishly scripted love story.

Technically too, this is Hirani’s weakest film – from cinematography to setting, scale to music – all ranging between fair and below average. If you’re looking for a film in the league of the “Oh My God” “Munna bhai MBBS” and “3 Idiots”, PK is not even close.

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